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Cold in Place Recycling

West-Can now provides the service of Cold In Place Asphalt Recycling. This is a full depth asphalt process where existing asphalt is cold milled to a depth of 150 to 175mm from a selected road. The material is sized over screen decks, weighed and then mixed with controlled amounts of asphalt binder. The aggregate gradation can be modified by adding specifically sized stone into the process. All material is blended in a twin shaft pugmill for consistency and then placed on the newly milled surface as a cold windrow. It is then picked up, paved and compacted by a paving train that follows closely behind. The road rehabilitation is a continuous on-site moving process.

Cold In Place Asphalt Recycling “CIR” is an extremely efficient method of rehabilitating deteriorating roadways. CIR reuses the existing asphalt pavement which results in a stable road and offers a total energy savings of 50 to 60% when compared to conventional construction methods. Our records show that we can consistently do the complete process for one liter of fuel per  tonne of paved asphalt. This form of recycling conserves our depleting non-renewable resources of aggregate and petroleum products as the old road is recycled in place. Reductions to our carbon footprint will become increasingly important as purchasing agencies look for innovative ways to reduce carbon and meet the Federal and Provincial governments initiative of becoming “leaders in climate change”.

For more technical information on Cold in Place Recycling including the environmental and economical benefits please visit the link below.

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