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Pugmill Produced Hot / Cold Mix

High quality hot and cold mixed, asphalt pavements can be made by our central plant mixer using various sizes of fractured aggregate with desired asphalt binders. New asphalt emulsions and cut back mixes provide superior aggregate coating with resilience to thermal cracking, frost heaves and cold joints.

Our fleet of pugmills have calibrated scales for managing aggregate flow and blending, as well as, flow meters to control the amount of liquid binder added. An 800 cubic foot portable cement silo allows for the addition of dry bulk additives such as fly ash or Portland cement. All of these functions lead to tighter process controls.

Technology, innovation, public demands and enhanced environmental awareness move our industry forward. Together, we are able to create a stronger, ductile asphalt material that can be customized to suit the needs of our customers while addressing environmental concerns. West-Can will work with you to design a solution for your situation and bring more competition to your marketplace.

  • Low energy consumption
  • No aggregate drying
  • Calibrated belt scales and liquid flow meters
  • Various aggregate feed bins and dry bulk silo combinations available for blending
  • Heated storage tanks and ability to blend dry bulk products, cutbacks, emulsions and foamed asphalt
  • Can blend virgin aggregates or asphalt millings
  • Extremely mobile operation allows for access to remote locations

Niche Blending

West-Can Seal Coating also operates a “Sludge Pugmill” with twin 18 inch screw augers that transport moisture-saturated clay like products directly into a 150 tonne per hour pugmill. By feeding directly into the pugmill, we can ensure that no liquids escape from the onsite stabilization process.

Hydrocarbon clay, drill cuttings, mine tailings and bio solids are all products that can be blended with lime and/or other neutralizing agents, allowing owners to create lightweight aggregate materials from otherwise semi solid waste products.

Having these highly mobile, self enclosed units allow for remote work locations with crews being able to adjust additives “on the fly” to ensure a uniform stabilizing process.

Please contact West-Can for your pugmill requirements in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia

Interested In Learning More About PugMilling? Check Out The Video Below: