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Fog Coating & Tack Coating

West-Can owns and operates a fleet of distributor trucks which are used to Prime Coat, Fog Coat and Tack Coat asphalt roadways and granular projects. As an added service, West-Can also has the ability to supply custom emulsions to meet your project specific needs. These services can be quoted by the project or on an hourly and daily basis.

What are Prime Coats, Tack Coats and Fog Coats?

Fog Coating is an application of a diluted asphalt emulsion to an aged (oxidized) pavement surface. Fog Coats are a standalone low-cost pavement preservation applications used to rejuvenate asphalt surfaces, seal small cracks and inhibit raveling. Fog Coats are commonly used on older asphaltic roads and cold mix pavements.

Tack Coats are a light application of diluted asphalt emulsion, however, they are not a standalone application. Tack Coats are generally applied prior to paving operations, as they are designed to create a strong adhesive bond between surfaces and prevent slippage.

Prime Coats are an application of liquid asphalt to a granular surface to waterproof and promote bonding between the surface being primed and the next course. Prime Coats are generally used as an interim solution to protect the integrity of granular base projects during construction.

  • Low viscosity allows emulsion to seal surface voids and cracks
  • Reduces raveling on asphaltic surfaces
  • Improving a pavement’s ability to keep water from penetrating the base course
  • Temporarily postpones the need for surface treatments (not a substitute)
  • Seals granular base projects while protecting grade work
  • Creates strong bonding between surfaces
  • Reduces the probability of having delamination on paving projects
  • Reduces dust
  • Uniform finish
  • Minimal construction time required
  • Economical maintenance tool

West-Can Seal Coating offers Prime Coating, Tack Coating and Fog Coating services in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Colombia. Please call to enquire about our custom spraying services today.