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Chip Seal / Seal Coating

Seal Coats are treatments that provide effective pavement maintenance to all structurally sound roadways. The application of a bituminous binder, followed immediately by a cover aggregate, produce a durable, flexible, low cost bituminous driving surface.

Chip Seals

May be applied to existing surface treatments such as hot mix asphalt, cold mix or concrete. Chip Seals help to regain skid resistance on polished surfaces, prevent aggregate loss and rejuvenate oxidized surfaces, which extends the pavement’s life cycle.

Graded Seals

Can be applied over a granular surface as a double high float system in order to upgrade a roadway to a hard surface; this eliminates dust emissions and provides a durable driving surface. Graded Seal Coats are also used on lower traffic roadways (<1500 AADT).

These treatments can be opened to traffic shortly after placement, which reduces construction time and lessens user delays when compared to conventional pavement treatments.

Seal Coats are constructed using a variety of asphalt emulsions and cover aggregate combinations to produce a surface for varying traffic loads. With a solid base, a well constructed Seal Coat increases the life cycle of the road, enabling the asset owner to further benefit from a low cost alternative to other wearing surfaces.

To significantly reduce maintenance costs of a roadway, double seals can provide public and private sectors with an effective product capable of lasting more than 10 years.