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Sand Seal

Do you have an asphalt pavement that’s holding up well, but looks a little worn? Maybe you’re seeing some mild cracking or oxidation? Sand Sealing is a preventative maintenance tool that can be used on cold seams, shoulders, rumble strips and cracked, pitted or oxidized asphalt surfaces. Sand Sealing, also commonly known as “CRF Restorative Seal”, rejuvenates the surface through the application of an asphalt emulsion directly followed by sand. With service locations across Western Canada, West-Can Seal Coating has the ability to supply and apply CRF Restorative Sand Seal to pavement surfaces in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.   Applied at the right time, sand seals will prolong the service life of an asphalt surface, protecting the owner’s investment.

West-Can has the ability to supply all of the products, personnel, equipment and traffic control to ensure your project is completed “hassle free”.