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What is a Cape Seal?

A Cape Seal is the combination of the Chip Seal and Micro-Surfacing application. The Chip Seal portion of this application helps provide a waterproof membrane to repel moisture from entering the sub-grade and adds elasticity to prevent reflective cracking from showing through the new surface. A Micro-Surfacing system is then placed on top of the Chip Seal to strengthen and tighten the surface into a hard black wearing surface. Cape Seals are one of the most economical ways to hard surface and maintain a roadway. West-Can Seal Coating Inc. has the equipment and skill sets required to convert an old dusty graveled roadway in to an aesthetically pleasing, black Cape Sealed surface.

Benefits of Cape Seal:

  • Most economical way to hard surface a roadway
  • Eliminates graveling and grading costs
  • Reduces dust and “fly stone”
  • Increased skid resistance and improves safety
  • Stops moisture from penetrating base
  • Rejuvenates fatigued Seal Coats
  • Smooth surface
  • Proven technology